Monday, November 21, 2011

CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY - The True Homoeopathic Approach

Very often we come across this statement - "Homoeopathy treats you completely with constitutional remedy."

Very little does one understand what this statement exactly means. The exact approach of a homoeopath is in the word Constitution.

What is a 'Constitution'?

"Constitution is simply the sum total of an individual's characteristics that are potentially determined at the moment of fertilization."
Its an inherent tendency to respond automatically along predetermined individual characteristic patterns.

For example.:-
Consider four people ordering a bowl of soup at a restaurant. As their order is served all of them finds a hair in their respective bowls but interestingly each one gives out a different kind of reactions.

  • The first person gets angry and throws the bowl of soup at the waiter.
  • The second person shows disgust, shrugs off and walks out of the restaurant with no regrets.
  • The third person breaks into crying fits.
  • The fourth person looks at the hair, removes it from his soup and goes on eating. He even further orders the main  course.

Now the interesting find is that, the reactions of these four different people depicts nothing but four different characteristic giving out reactions in the same type of situation. Amazingly these reactions are not elective but per-programmed and compulsive. Therefore each individual reacts according  to his very own innate, pre-
determined emotional pattern, that makes him impossible to react otherwise.

Now suppose if a person by his own will and self discipline tries to change or control his reaction. He may definitely succeed but only at expense of ample amount of energy that he will require to suppress his natural sets of reaction for every situation. This happens because there will be a direct conflict between his innate pattern and his suppressive attempt. And this very conflict leads to sufferings which is basically the pathology, the disease.

In today's busy competitive world not a single person can live life that will allow him to constantly expose his innate emotional patterns, because this innate emotional patterns may not always be acceptable in the social world he lives in. This might cause a certain discord to his innate emotional patterns as living in the social world he might need to change some reaction which are not acceptable by the people around him. Therefore this attempt of change in his own innate emotional pattern leads to suppression, and ultimately sufferings i.e "pathos" thus pathologically threatening the harmony.

Solution :-
To overcome this pathology or the sufferings, the person has to adapt himself to his own constitution, by finding different pattern of his form. This can be done only by using correct therapeutic measures. As homoeopathy studies the aggregate of hereditary characters, influenced more or less by the environment and the individual reactions to stress of the environment, it helps you to know your real self at the time you were bred. It also helps you to understand your ingrained habits and compulsive drives.

Constitutional study :-
A homoeopathic consultant during his case-taking sessions studies every aspect of the patient's life. His reactions to the life circumstances, His achievements and His failures. After knowing these aspects, it allows him/her to form a picture of his patient's character, which is nothing but your 'constitutional picture or remedy' This constitutional picture or remedy (can) reveals his innate emotional pattern (only) through conscious confrontations and further lead to transformation for good.

In Homoeopathy constitutional remedy considers the deeper totality and treats the patients susceptibility by studying the disturbed energy levels which are giving rise to sufferings or pathology. This further helps to not only treat the disease manifests but also prevents the future manifests. 

Above all it can delay, postpone or even cancel the heridiatery manifests, thus also acting as a preventive therapy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


A clean, fresh, glowing skin is a dream of every woman. And to achieve a babysoft-skin anyone can get fascinated to use various beauty products which are easily available in the market. No doubt these beauty creams and lotions could make one look worthwhile but not for all. There are several cases where after use of these cosmetic products people have registered several side effects. After all, these products are nothing but combination of chemicals.

The tantra for a perfect glowing skin lies in harmony between your body, your mind and your soul. A beautiful skin is a sign of a person who is healthy inside and healthy outside. A skin is the outer most organ of your body and the one that guards our inner organs such as our muscles, ligaments, bones and all other internal organs. It is the skin where the cry of the internal organs can be first heard, or rather seen and felt.

For instance, if you happen to eat junk food for several consecutive days or if you are going through any form of stress, it is your skin that first reflects the problem lying underneath it, in the form of symptoms. Those symtoms could be dark circles under your eyes, pimples or simply darkening of the skin, etc. These symptoms are nothing but the cry of the disturbed internal harmony between mind, body and soul. If one observe these symtoms and use proper treatment can prevent futher complications.

Also it is said that preventive maintenance is always good. In case of skin, a proper preventive maintenance is to take the following care of your skin every day:-

1.Washing your face atleast 5-6 times daily especially after exopsed to atmospheric pollution.
2.Remove makeup before you go to sleep.
3.Keep your hair healthy.
4.Clean your face daily with cleansing milk before going to bed.
5.Drink plenty of water.
6.Have food rich in antioxidants like tomatoes,berries,sweet potato etc.
7.Foods rich inVitamin A like carrots,sweet potato,spinach,low fat dairy products help your skin glow.
8.Essential fatty acids rich food like fish,flax seeds,walnuts etc.
9.Vitamin C rich food like grapes ,oranges.
10.Sprouted food should be part of your meal atleast thrice a week.
11.Eggs also being nutricious food for skin as well as hair should be in your diet.
12.Reduce intake of junk food,pickles,fried food,fries white bread ,bakery products,canned foods.
13.Take regular short meals at short intervals.
14.Increase fibre content in your diet.The recommended fibre content in your daily diet should be around 30-35 gms in male and 20-25 female.
15.Be early to bed and early to rise thats the secret to healthy life.
16.Practice some sort of exercise at least 5 days a week like pranayam,yoga,aerobics,just 45 minutes of brisk walk daily or cycling.
17.Don't neglect a single skin ailment as  always remeber it can be the cry of your inner self.
18.Protect your skin from sun.
19.Dont just supress your skin ailments by some readily available creams and lotions in the market or steriodal preprations.
20.Make sure you use good brand beauty proudcts and keep watch on the expiry dates.

These are some of the very common  and simple tips to lead a healthy lifestyle and get healthy skin ultimately.

But even after following these tips if your skin problems still persist then you need to show it to a physician, and not just any physician but a homoeopathic physician. Because out of all pathys, homoeopathy is the only pathy that helps restore the harmony between our mind, body and soul. And usually if you follow the treatment given in a regular manner than you are bound to get back that natural glow on your skin that you have always dreamed for.

How homoeopathy works?

 Any persistant skin complaint indicates disharmony between your body, mind and soul. It indicates that your inner systems are not at ease and need  attention.

If you are a person who is really happy, but the happiness is not superficial and is from the bottom of your heart, then you really dont need anything for your skin to look beautiful. Your skin will just glow with happiness. This indicates that happiness or being truly happy is one form of medicine to naturally healing of your skin as it natually maintains the same harmony.

But it is quite evident that it could be very hard for anyone to stay truly happy all the time. We are living in a world of adverstities and because of these adversities we are constantly sarrounded with situations where we have to compromise, adjust and move on. These compromises and adjustment could easily upset our harmony and eventually it will be exposed by showing it on our skin. It is true that we cannot run away from these adversitites, and still living in the social world we need ourselves i.e. our body, our hairs and our skin to look its best.

That is the time when your problems needs to be dealt 'holistically' from within considering your constitution and your evolution. In such situtation usually most allopathic physicians will prescribe you with steriods without you even knowing it. Beware of such remedies as this will only lead to supression of your problems, instead of healing them and eventually the skin problem will become more aggravated.

Your skin doesn't need supression, it needs cure and homeopathy is the only holistic sceince which considers each person as an individual and studies the person at every level in their time frame.

Homoeopathy involves detailed study of your birth history, your genetic disposition, your heridiety aspects, you mental set up and your physical set up. The evidences of your life helps the homoeopathic physician form a accurate remedy for your skin ailment which brings back the harmony in its natural rhythm. Homoeopathy heals your mind and your body simulteneously without use of any harmful drugs or chemicals. You will have back that beutiful glow on your skin without using any beauty creams or lotions that promises you healing. Homoeopathy is most natural form of healing and has no side effects.

Homoeopathy will give you a gentle and permanent cure and help you live a healthy happy life.